Established in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1978, World Wide Shipping & Chartering has since become a leading shipbroker in the movement of mineral concentrates off the West Coast.

Who We Are

Our purpose

Enhancing our client’s reputation and knowledge in the shipping market.

World Wide Shipping & Chartering Ltd. have been shipbrokers/shipping consultants based in Vancouver since the company was established 1978. Over the last 40 years World Wide have been involved in various trades however the company’s consistent main focus has been the movement of mineral concentrates off the West Coast.

Although our focus is narrower, our experience in the shipping market is broad. World Wide’s team has over 20 years of experience in the shipping industry. We are conversant in the movement of a large variety of commodity types, from different points of origin, and based off an assortment of contract structures.

Our Focus

World Wide has been working with mining partners for over 30 years in terms of handling the movement of their concentrates. These long partnerships have allowed World Wide to gain an intimate knowledge of the parceling trade off the west coast. World Wide has a strong understanding of all the load ports for concentrates, as well as the discharge ports, and the challenges that each port can pose to our client.

Our Knowledge

The parcel trade is niche business and positions or available space are not heavily circulated in the market. With World Wide being known as a main player in regards to the parceling market off this coast we have established strong relationships with all of the Owners/operators that are involved in the parcel trade. Our understanding of the operators allows us to know as to who can provide the service that our clients need.

As we are consistently in the market which allows us to provide an accurate assessment of not only the current market for concentrate parcels but also the market as a whole in the North Pacific. Also, World Wide’s team have been involved various contract structures, from short term COA’s, long term COA’s, requirement contracts, long term year period charters, so we can advise and work with what structure will best suit our customer’s needs.

World Wide also had been agents for the majority of concentrates off the West Coast. As World Wide’s original Owner passed in 2005, World Wide’s agency business moved over to our close partner Pacific Northwest Ship and Cargo Services Inc. This relationship remains strong as we continue to work closely together with Pacific Northwest Ship and Cargo Services. We have real time awareness as to vessel movements, cargo readiness and foresee any potential issues/delays/conflicts that could potentially affect our clients business.

Our Core Values

Relationship, relationship, relationship

World Wide prioritizes developing and maintaining close working relationships with all of our clients. We understand that to best serve our client we need to know the client’s specific need and requirements that pertain to their business. We want to establish a strong understanding of our clients business which can allow us to advise how local and global developments will effect our clients business.


Whether it is a single voyage or a multi-year contract of affreightment, either can involve a great deal of complexity. World Wide is there to guide our clients through these complexities, whether it is negotiating charter party terms, ensuring smooth operation of voyage, producing and negotiating laytime, or analyzing and understanding how a new local or global regulation will affect our clients business.

Client’s interest before ours

We don’t take our client’s commitment to us lightly. World Wide’s promise is that when we guide or make suggestions it is always in the best interest of our clients.

Always accurate

Whether it is in knowledge or execution we always ensure that the emails and documents that come from this office are always accurate.

Eyes always on the voyage

From cradle to grave we will always monitor the voyage and always keep one continually updated as to the movement/schedule of the vessel as well as any other information the client needs to ensure voyage goes as smoothly as possible.


Ian Smortchevsky Director, President

Ian has been based in Vancouver as a shipbroker for over 20 years. Prior to becoming the Owner of World Wide, Ian learned the shipping business by working in both small brokerage firms as well as being partner at one of the largest brokerage firms, here in Vancouver. Away from the office, when not looking after his 4 children, Ian enjoys skiing, as well as playing hockey, disc golf, and rugby. Ian also volunteers his time at the Royal Van Yacht Club and at the North Shore Girls Soccer Club as a coach.

Steve Williams Chartering Manager

Steve joined the World Wide team in early 2019 after having recently completed his MBA from Simon Fraser University. Steve's previous experience involved developing relationships with corporate partners for the Vancouver Whitecaps and the BC Sports Hall of Fame. Steve has completed Bimco's Masterclass for laytime and the ASBA principals and chartering course. Steve is very active outside the office chasing around his young dog as well as playing soccer and rugby.

Stacey Hake Operations

Stacey, a graduate from Lethbridge University with a Bachelor in Business Management, Marketing Major joined World Wide in the first half of 2021. Stacey came across from another one of BC's other export industry, wine. Stacey gained experience in various aspects of the wine industry, from marketing to business analytics while also being involved on the shipping and logistic side. Out of the office Stacey enjoys playing rugby, currently for the Capilano Rugby Club's Premier women's team while having previously represented her province and country in the sport.

John Mears Director, Consultant

John has been involved in the shipping industry for almost 40 years, the last 25 as the founder and Owner of Pacific Northwest Ship and Cargo Services. John has a vast knowledge of loading, not only mineral concentrates but various other bulk and break-bulk commodities off the West Coast. John currently on the executive committee of the Shipping Federation of Canada as Past President. John's knowledge and experience is of great asset to World Wide and our clients, particularly when more "unique" shipping solutions are needed. Away from work John spends much of his time either hiking or skiing the nearby mountains or exploring BC's coastline on the boat.


World Wide Shipping and Chartering are proud supporters of the Capilano Rugby Football Cub and the Canadian Classics Rugby Society.

World Wide Shipping and Chartering is proud to also be an Annual Sponsor for Athletics for Kids - who are changing the lives of underprivileged youth through sports.
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